Thursday, October 24, 2013

We have been very, very busy this week!

On Monday, Bailee (in grade 3) came to talk to our class about collecting food for the hungry.  Bailee volunteers at 'The Community of Hope Food Bank'.  We are going to try and help Bailee by collecting food to put in the brown paper bag she has given each of us.

Here is the link to watch the video Bailee made. 

Earlier this week, we did some Math fall centres. We sorted leaves that we brought from home, we did leaf patterns, some other number activities and fall Art.

"My favourite centre was the one where I picked up a number card and dabbed the number on my sheet." - Carter (4)

"I liked when we had to pick the numbers out of the bin and put them in order." - Ellie

We have also been working on patterns.

"Today, we made patterns using our body parts.  My pattern was clap, stomp, clap." - Anabeth

"A pattern has to repeat three times, like ABCABCABC." - Quinn

We are becoming very responsible in the classroom. Everybody has a job in our classroom.

"My job is to empty the recycling." - Maiya

"School is fun.  My job is pushing chairs in and stacking them." - Slayter

"I like school." - Carter (3)

On Wednesday, Mme Lise came for our second TIA session.  M. Ian joined her.

"First we had to warm up." - Sabrina

"We warmed up to dance." - Cavan

"Then we had to warm up our voice." - Hudson

"We had lots of fun with Mme Lise and M. Ian." - Kendall

Our class had lots of fun dancing and beat boxing!

Here are some pictures we want to share with you! 
We've got some great dancers in our classroom!

Angry faces!

Surprised faces!

Dance Warm-up


Voice warm-up

Singing and Beat Boxing!

Bonne fin de semaine! Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Leaf Activities and TIA

This week we used some leaves we had collected with our buddies to do some Math. We sorted leaves and all used them to do leaf rubbings.

Today we had our first TIA. 

First, we had to warm up. - Kendra

Then we danced. - Holly

We liked dancing! - Quinn


We played a game. - Ellie

For the game we had to close our eyes. -  Bailey

Then, we had to go to the blue square with our eyes closed. - Carter (4)

Mme Lise talked to us about not being able to use that sense, and some of us found it hard to find the blue square.  We also talked about some of our other senses we use in dance.

We thought dancing and playing games with Mme Lise was fun. - Maiya

Here is a video of dancing with Mme Lise!
(It may not work on iPhone or iPad, but only on a computer.)

Also, this week...

In Music we started to practice our winter concert song. - Ellie

We had gym today with M. Lacroix and played a game. - Quinn

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Leaf Art

Leaves are falling...

Last Friday we went outside to collect leaves with our grade 3 buddies. 

"It was exciting!" - Holly

"We found green, purple, yellow and some brown leaves." - Cavan.

"We collected lots of leaves!" - Anabeth

Then, we sketched our leaves. 

"We had to look at the leaves." - Kendra  

"We had to look for lines." - Quinn 

"We picked two leaves and drew them." - Hudson 

"It was fun!" - Ellie



Maiya wanted to share this short poem she made up:

Leaves are falling down.
Everywhere on the ground.
Red, orange, yellow, green.

"We loved drawing the leaves!" - Quinn

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bag Up Manitoba

On Monday, we had an assembly to help kick off "Bag Up Manitoba 2013!" (the collection of plastic bags). 

"The plastic bag assembly was fun. We have to bring plastic bags to school." - Kendall

"We learned that recycling and plastic bags are sorted by machines." - Sloan

"Plastic bags can be turned into different things."  - Carter #3

Mr. Ethans told us that we can use plastic bags to make many things, like...

"A plastic bag jacket (like Mr. Ethans) 
and birdhouses." - Ellie

"Also a chair or a bench." - Hudson

Following our assembly, I shared the storybook 'Timmy the Tumble Bag' that I received from Mr. Ethans after having had the chance to participate in another kickoff five years ago.

We really enjoyed the story! Here are some of the ideas we took away:

"Plastic bags can turn into Frisbees for us." - Nathan

"We should recycle plastic bags." - Kendra

"Don't recycle dirty bags." - Holly

"You can always reuse a clean plastic bag." - Quinn

"Use a plastic box or a cloth bag when you shop." - Sloan

Don't forget to send in your plastic bags!